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Radisson Blu Hotel, Elgon Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi

Monday - Saturday
(Saturday Dinner Only, Closed Sunday)
Lunch: 12:00 – 15:00
Dinner: 18:30 – 23:00



In the same way that the creation of the most transcendent symphony starts with a musical note, the beginning of each dish is the ingredient. We source the highest quality produce from around Kenya, mindful of the environment, from soil to sunshine, each kiss from nature gifting a distinct flavour. First we taste, smell and experience the complexity of each ingredient. Then we begin to create…. always with the desire that each dish will move you in the same way as the most transcendent symphony.


Our well-seasoned chefs are like artists who express themselves in the form of flavour. We encourage our team of chefs to colour outside the lines, to bring not only their artistry but also their distinct flaws and quirks to each plate. And then with a spirit of playful experimentation, together they explore new taste combinations and culinary techniques. Because it is through these unique expressions, that the possibility of delight and surprise emerges, when something that was once just an idea now comes to life.


We hear music in the tempo of a meal; its rhythms and breaks, the hot and cold, the tinkle of cutlery. We hear poetry in the textures; a crunch, crisp layers then velvety silkiness. We hear lyricism in the unspoken; an inhale, a sigh, a distant sizzle. These are the rhythms we use to compose the dining experience; the beat of elevating flavour, the pulse of heat, the soothing of the palate; we hear music in the tempo of a meal, and you will too.


In every dish we strive for balance. However we push to design experiences that are at the edge of balance, to challenge the concept of balance, and to invent new expressions of balance. This is why spontaneity is essential to our process. Whilst the Executive Chef conceives the dish, every day the team brings their finely honed instincts to build on it, using their expertise and nuanced understanding of food to create a dish that is not only balanced, but awakens a sense of wonder.


There is no joy in life without a little risk. Indeed, without risk, fusion cuisine would not exist, which is why it’s at the heartbeat of what we do. Whether it is by inviting unusual ingredients to dance together on a plate, or seeing what happens when you adopt techniques from different cuisines, or experimenting with teasing out an unfamiliar flavour from a familiar ingredient; we believe risk makes food and life itself more delicious. Because without it, ideas can only live in your imagination.

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